ECMO Therapy in a Patient with Extensive Burns, Inhalation Injury and Blunt Chest Trauma
Brian Starr, MD • S Bennett, MD1 • Philip Chang, MD • Elizabeth Dale, MD

Echocardiography Diagnoses Intra-Cardiac Shunt In Hypoxemic IV Drug User Requiring ECMO Post-Tricuspid Valvulectomy Julian Macedo MD, Suzanne Bennett MD, Hareeprasad Vongooru, MD

Accompanying publication: Cardiovascular Imaging Case Reports, 3 (2019) 183-18

Integrating ICU Care Delivery to Reduce Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections At UC Health: University of Cincinnati Medical Center/West Chester Hospital
Muhammad Ahsan Zafar, MD, MCTR; Bradley Mathis, MD; Katie Greathouse, RN; Andrea Booth, MS, LSSBB; Dipika Patel, MS; George Smulian, MD; Suzanne Bennett, MD; Barbara Smith, RN; Evaline A. Alessandrini, MD